Attractions nearby

Of the numerous recreational activities near Rondegaard includes:

  • Natural area Følle Vig is in walking distance from Rondegaard. Watch the video about Følle Bund.
  • 10 minutes walking distance to the beach
  • 2 km. Golf course with 18 holes / par 72
  • 20-minute drive to Djurs Summerland
  • A half hour drive from Ebeltoft Frigate Jutland and the Old Town Hall
  • Only a short distance to Mols Mountains.

Århus is located just half an hour away by car (20 km.), Where you can experience the old city, Concert Hall, Tivoli Freedom, Moesgård and Aros museum – the city is definitely worth a visit.

If you take a walk through Følle city can still sense how the 11 farms have been along the village street, and there are still buildings from Gl. Rondegaard and several other old farms. If you walk towards the beach hit Kalo Castle Ruin out of the sea, an ancient royal castle built in 1313 by Erik Menved.

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